Butterfly effect

“Good things come to those that wait up (splish),But don’t wait to jump in too long
Don’t sleep, you gotta stay up (splish)….Don’t, don’t sleep, you gotta stay up
Yeah, yeah, yeah.” – Miguel (Sky Walker)


Her hair strands tangled deeply with his strands, smaller compared to her strands but the brilliance in how they interacted as she lay her head close to his head, she kept holding on tightly to him.Her arms firmly folded around his neck, her legs placed beautifully on his lap.He could feel her deep breathing enticing the skin around his neck  area as she pressed her lips on it. A kiss of life as she closed her eyes and gently drifted inside her head.She finally  found a place where she belonged, knowing she was adored in his eyes.

Simultaneously like a Sonatas and partitas violin solo her draw shut his eyes. A harmony shared only between them felt deep inside their minds conveying a subtle harmony  just like the strings humming to the solo. The vibrance in it just right, like a friction-less track keeping its composure solid . Drifting away he remembered that night. That night when it all made sense…

The butterfly effect  a concept that states, “small causes can have larger effects”.

Blessings. The only feeling that could describe that day; the atmosphere so alive it was  felt across all who took part in the process, those who witnessed, their eyes awed in a lovely embrace as joy appeared all over their faces …

The little children been caressed on the old woman’s lap. Her wise touch attending to the young one who unwilling wrestled within her grasp, It’s cry  a simple indication that life was still new to it and that it wasn’t yet immersed in the  understanding of life’s cycle … The joy in the pain was only understandable to the few who now watched the miracle of life that even through the touch of the skin to skin, the healing of the soul was in abundance as she rubbed the young boys tummy her gentle touch soft but firm. The sparks from the fire in the hut startled orange flashes inside the kitchen its floor blessed with nature’s mud, life at its basic form.Enough indication that the  crucial connection between mother Earth and her inhabitants was still of value to many back then.


Her feet firmly rooted on the mud floor she never moved them even for one second. She knew her roots and her connection to the earth enlightened  her  with wisdom such matriculate expertise as she healed the young ones like her ancestors and her ancestors  did , a rite of passage bestowed only to the chosen few ,just  for the ones with the touch of life in their hands.The resistance from the young boy was still alive. The old woman understood that it missed the tender care, the warm warmth of the mother’s love but she having gone through the school of life  wasn’t also blind to life’s reality. That from a young age life is both a gentle and stormy mix.  Brewing  both pain and joy in its cup. The message clear to all, that for the future light has to keep shining  bright even after the falls and rises of life even after destabilizing the forces that demand a sense of balance. Like it was written” Now they know whats  Good and evil “, but still the light should never dim.

Philosophical like the yin and yang.

Yin and Yang…The never ending fight. The balance between light and darkness in our hearts

Smiling, she whispered in her ancestors language, “Take heart young one, this is just a taste of what’s awaiting you.” The power in her words penetrated through the boy’s stubbornness. Its influencing drive a sweet approach to the lemons and apples of life. The old caring look on her face comforted the boy as his cries reduced to pure insight as the healing in the stomach kicked in, the look on his face was that of being startled.The natural mysterious  touch  opened up  his bowels. The massage healing his pains as room for  more space opened up in his stomach not forgetting the solid firm hold he had on its walls. The enlightenment flooding the little prince , Cute of all sorts.His mind  wondering why he cried out of fear,for he had just foreseen just before his turn  the vision of the healing on her sister’s belly just a while ago. And his head trying to put together the value of learning from pain as he looked at his sister, laying  in deep meditation her cries had long stopped as the wisdom imparted into her, slowly reducing her short rapid bursts of cries into slow sobs as calmness finally flowed all over  her body. The warm bath in which she was dipped into inside the baby’s tub, relaxed her body her pain was no more than just  deeper memories .The Beauty in the struggle of it all. Understanding the purpose, the path’s influence on life, marinating in as an approach of pure risk.The angelic dream was soon written all over her face.Her body laying full of life.Such a lovely sight.

angelic like a baby’s dreams…

The tension in her bowels eased, the aim of the stomach rubbing only intended to open up the belly to solid food. An introduction into life under the sun. The fire burned  the wooden sticks piled on top of each other its deep orange light casting shadows all over the hut.The breeze flowing through the open wooden door added life to the experience . A culture rooted deep down inside the earth  that brought about a sense of infinity to life; a bizarre mixture  of Miracles and tragedies to come but with firm comfort that the Light would always keep all safe. The clear night was  brilliant to watch as through the window the full moon formed majestically adding to the stars and the skies  its beauty and its Influence. Like an angel’s lullaby the night praised The Creator.


JAMMING…..Isn’t it just fascinating the feeling when we accept  that we are each unique and special in our own different ways.



I lost a part of me… I can’t just feel better.Her voice awakened him back to reality as she finally couldn’t hold onto it anymore

Hey, (eyes firmly fixed on each other , the gaze of wisdom  in his eyes enlightening her destiny’s path..) that void, the darkness in it with its  embracing  sense of loneliness will be filled  up by something new, better, cleaner and a more lovely entity. Just heal this one now and embrace the new growth about to begin. the light sparked once again behind those brown eyes staring back with life back at him.



Exposing her True self, her lips moved as the words rung through the airWhy do you love me? her face puzzled  with wonder….

Because this picture doesn’t make sense without you; the real you in it.He said, looking straight into her eyes as he saw the soul inside her reaching out to him.




Celebrate every day like a birthday
Good things come to those that wait up (splish)
But don’t wait to jump in too long
Don’t sleep, you gotta stay up (splish)
Don’t, don’t sleep, you gotta stay up


Queen Belle

“I’m bending it over.You’re my four leaf clover.There’s no one above up (above). Forever’s a long time, yes.”
Daniel Caeser – Japanese Denim



As I open my treasure box, i see the many gems all laying there inside; all of different variants and colors. Their sparkling shapes in all its splendor present a sight nice , right and in line.Blazing bright, its nature captivates my eye. Its cherishing cheer stuns my view.  Solid like a stone  you are my most favorite gem, your illuminating beauty dims the rest off their lights, and soon its only your light takes me away. Your touch True to the last point , feeling the realness in ever ounce, as i pick you and enclose you in my palm.Opening my palm once more, fingers spreading away like moon flowers  petals in the evenings, blooming to the sunset rays. Your light still glitters, your chiseled edges a rare beauty. I hold you firmly in my palm.I know I won’t let go of your immaculate touch…………



(All of them lean as the watch my palm open up, mumbling to its attraction) “That’s my queen right there a rare gem only to be treasured.” I explain.


Queen Belle…   Shine bright like a Diamond (Ice, Ice , Ice ) #Flexing


A girl like Queen Belle…..

Her embraces chase away all worries, she’ll get you believing in no time…making sense of  why they sang the blues. When love was key to each other.A fundamental building block.The same force shared across by all mighty and weak, discriminating none driving across from Kings in high places to the peasants in the lowest of places.The only thing that mattered; your loved ones.Walking everyday in the light of hope, belief and trust … humanity spreading across to all loving everywhere, every time. Remembering  once more the purpose. Got you feeling like talking to Destiny , saying

I’mma take  control of the reins, you chill enjoy the view“. (Destiny smiling back …..)

She will make feel  different lanes as  she sings out that lovely song, her voice soft and just right. The message emanating from her vocal chords, deep with a slow Rhythm … that Caesar’s jam.

I don’t stand in line, I don’t pay for clubs, ****that… But I wait for you.I don’t like to drink, I don’t like to think, **** that… But I ponder you, ohhh! – Japanese Denim

It’s so lovely finding myself in such spaces.All of them endowed in endless riches in all outcomes positive or negative . The golden wisdom of understanding the truth in life lessons, the path trod only to shape you up for the decency of humanity, shedding arrogance and ignorance , pride left no more, Just peace, love and hope light the journey  different and unique,the beauty in them captivating . Keep blessing with your fountain of youth an everlasting source. filling up  with warmth like your aura. Refreshing like  an apple & pear sweet scent.Its flow gentle like your control.

Affectionate Love.She said, “Is all I got.

A sense of belief engulfs all doubts. it’s hazy clouds of uncertainty clear away making one a believer 😹😹😂😂 you know .. sipping daily from your Fountain, its lovely drops ignite a spark day by day. The elixir of life, spreading the heat seamlessly like a perfect turbulent laminar flow.

You need someone you adore,Find a place where you might belong #IssaDanielCaeserQuote – We find love.


Now you’re lost. Lost in the heat of it all. Girl you know you’re lost.Lost in the thrill of it all.” Love whispered.

Placeholder Image

(feeling it’s presence, a natural mystic that moves all ) “Hi there  love …. I missed you, its been a while

I know. I can see it in your eyes, it’s great to be back again , Ready for the whole ride?” (Its reasoning up-whelming mind and soul)

(a smirk flashes on my face ,smiling )  “Why not?”



Teaching me not  to see with my mind but also with my eyes too, Your cuddle a wonder as your soft  smooth velvet skin touch, invoking life into the skin ,the electricity awakening all over my  senses. Your promises true to the last iota. Promises of healing, a fix for the of the mind and soul ,  a deep wellness in the spirit with  an acute sense of happiness . You deliver your wise affection deep . Such understanding of  appreciation, why treasuring life in its whole beauty is a blessing bestowed only to the few brave; daring enough to embrace reality and still  dream. So don’t lose the Dream, Empress. Exposing quiet and calm  around even through the ugly nature of loss,despair and agony. Restoring Peace during the storm. Always trapped in your natural Mystic. Love.They don’t show the appreciation but they understand you’re the only thing that makes them whole. From time to time leaving a hazy state of pondering on how without you  we all but just  Souls  empty, lost, the flair of your magic dead to many , only the brave survive your presence. Your sweet Jazz music smoothing the soul. Smooth like honey on a crusty crumble. The only Irie feeling. Knocking on the hearts of all. One day they will  open and  you will show them what Friendship means; a selfless centered state of mind. Opening the inner eyes to a world so beautiful.They need to see all of nature’s beauty in its full light. We live in an angelic heaven, yet we too blind to let it in. Beauty like Queen Belle …..

Queen Belle….

( Understanding now what you are ) ” Your My Muse, Belle , My Muse.” thinking out loud.


Cause what’s real is something that the eyes can’t see, That the hands can’t touch.
That them broads can’t be, and that’s you. Never let ’em see you frown, And if you need a friend to pick you up, I’ll be around
And we can ride with the windows down,  ……. 

…….I can tell you ain’t laughed in a while, But I wanna see that Crooked smile  – Jermaine Cole.


You, …my mirror reflection

I know you are Real , i feel your touch,its gaze shining like a star



Kingdoms have fallen, angels be calling,None of that could ever make me leave…..

Jamming. You taste like  morning dew  girl, the freshness in your fragrance mystifying. Your deep, cute beauty spelling out loud Majesty all over your face.Elle, evidently you’re the Beau,  but still I have to say you are Beautiful. Your pretty smile elevating the mood in the air. You impact tasting like magic .Your hands round  my neck grooving to smooth Jazz.Your brown eyes captivating mine, the spark in them like none other. Your presence blinding my heart. The sway of  your hips maddening, lightening up my soul. Your aura is a touch to be forever missed.

Smiling she said  “Ana,” her voice breezing through  the air…

A deeper connection got tapped in my heart  by her eyes. Gently Rubbing her hand on my arm, saying ,”Be Bold.”



Every time I look into your eyes I see it……..

The desire burning bright

Elle, love blossoms around your fine dark eyes. Brown full of love leading deep into your heart. I feel it sweeping me day by day ….funny I met you just now yet I can’t stop thinking of the future.Your calmness and composure is hypnotizing. Your affectionate love drawing me out. Your warmth embraces me as i fall deeper and deeper in you. You awaken me, the real me .. i know you are Real too…



I guess all am trying to say is you are my poison.

You’re all I need….


Closing my eyes you still linger there a firm impression of natural beauty ….

Elle, Hold my hand. Just let my love adorn you.



You are the Jazz my Soul dances to

I just got back from where they said I couldn’t get back from and I thank God, I thank God that I made it. They surprised… they surprised that I made it.
Heart is like diamonds, keep blinding their faces, I wonder how I keep finding these places.I can’t explain how it feels to be patient – Alicia Keys



Went to meet you at the rooftop……

Saw you smile ……

You trembled from the  cold so I took off my coat, still warm from my body’s  temperature and wrapped it right around your shoulders. Watched how you settled in nicely inside its warm woolly texture, watched as the strain disappeared  from your eyes as you leaned in to tell me thank you. Your soft lips pressed on my left cheek. The warmth from your kiss made them cheeks crimson red, as blood flowed into them. I looked once more  into your eyes and saw the concern and gratitude beaming  with authenticity. Then like clockwork you wrapped your arms around my neck… felt the cold dissipate away from your arms as your skin touched my neck. Firmly squeezing me as my arms folded nicely around your back, you laid that pretty head on my chest as your scent filled in my breathe.Your hair smelt good, the sweet bubbly smell diffused in the air, as I indulged in your flavor deep inside my lungs.

Digging  your head deeper in my arms you said under your breath, “I missed this.” I smiled and was sure you felt the deep tremor  vibrating in my vocal chords as I said, “The pleasure is all mine.” You release your grasp on my neck but I  sense the hesitation….  to let go and  slowly your hands walked all over me from the warm grip on the neck gently flowing to my shoulders down to my arms then to the center of my chest , feeling my heartbeat. Pumping only to your touch, like a photosensitive film exposed to  light. A perfect, calm and bold rhythm . The way you  smiled said it all; elaborating   sheer happiness. The way your lashes flashed across your eye smooth and quick as your palm felt the heartbeat. How quickly  you smiled, curving a remarkable curve  across that pretty face  … love in your eyes , you flicked aside strands of  your  smooth  hair back  and  exposed those  sweet pearly  teeth. A gesture of pure satisfactory.

 The winds , blow colder on the rooftop overlooking the city , the panoramic view lights   serving up a delicacy for the mind  

Eyes glowing with love now as you stand in front of me  , channeling strength from the love flowing in your veins. I feel your eyes watching mine as i take  a moment to appreciate you in that red dress, your ferocious beauty comes alive .The way the red covers up your  magnetic curves attracting the iron light inside me , the way the red velvet flows over your  back makes my brain go for a trip…. a French leave we could argue , then like on cue  your eyes catch me midway and you take off the jacket holding it away from you. The amusement in my eyes as sheer disbelief of  classy beauty paints  a  picture  worthy of all eyes . A flash wink darts on the your face; winking as if to transmit the phrase ” earth to  thee ” holding my hand  and with an impressive giggle you break into laughter .Never shy you thrive in the  moment  not to fast not too slow…. I see your mind games..and I  smirk  the temptation so elegant i just flow with you  round the qualities wrapped in that cherry red chassis .

“The heart your’s.” The amber autumn sunset covered the skies its orange rays  shining on you …Your eyes  gleamed with hope and promise  and  with a thankful tone you  said “And you,  my Muse.” 

maxresdefault (1)

Beauty, Style, Class in the school of life, Ambition clearly written on your face, Eagles vision ,perhaps better said  “Dreams of brighter days “,  something straight outta Mt.Olympus ..  they cap over mouths trying to hold the voice coming straight outta their mouths,……… “Lord Christ ” [#Classy] . Told you that you are Blessed.



The icy chilly air mystifies outside the window…the snow starts falling. Its white flakes putting a halt to the madness outside, covering the animosity on the ground.If you listen closely you could  hear the angels singing , blessing the earth with cheerful souls. Their melodious tunes churning the ambiance ..oozing out a spirit of belief , passion and  the privilege of spending it with you right by my side.

Spiritual kind of love.





The ice melts into water droplets collecting together to merge into a   young youthful stream , the cold  starts loosening its grip .

Step into the youthful  spring….


“Cross my heart, hope to die To my lover, I’d never lie….
He said “be true,” I swear, “I’ll try”

The  song  plays in the background  as the  florist clips the  extra branches on the rose stem. Its petals  deep red . The ribbon coils around the two ready trimmed red roses  with them in the center a white one too. Smiling shyly   you  wander away lost in your head , feeding on the energy blossoming in  your heart. Happiness etched all over  your face . I see that look and i know what it means. 0 to 60 , your brain  speeds up  and with honest modesty , word by word you  translate the gesture out loud , “White; Of new beginnings, also of being refreshing, like a breath of fresh air. Red; there’s no better way than a bouquet of red roses…. ” . Jumping you embrace me  the excitement radiating from your warm hugs, your skin glows as   the young sun brings your skins beauty to light. I smile as i recall you figured all this in three seconds, Smart as always but lets see …..

“He’s out his head, I’m out my mind We got that love; the crazy kind
I am his, and he is mine.”


….what your top speed can handle when you see the bouquet of yellow flowers  behind you the richness in the yellow  stroking a joyful picture. You catch my flow as you turn around , spinning on your blue Chuck T’s  those bad boys in sync with the nautical blue jacket  [#BatmanClass] , the yellow petals kiss you as your eyes brightens in bewilderment .Their warm, sunny disposition melts your heart was lost before but now  Jupiter is clearly written all over your face as earthly speech and mannerism disappear from your intellect.The statement though clearly written in your eyes : “Yellow a perfect way of saying , Hey, thanks for being you.”


“In the end, it’s him and I, In the end, it’s him and I ….” The car doors swinging open.


Performance claims include zero to 60 mph in less than four seconds and a top speed governed at 155 mph.

Brain Munch :


Being an electric car, the 6’s incredibly long front end, with its twin center-hinged hoods, doesn’t house a conventional engine. Maybach has decided to put the space to other uses, with compartments dedicated to specially fitted luggage, umbrellas, even silverware. It’s a playful element in a hyper-luxury-car concept with a serious purpose: to underscore Daimler’s commitment both to electric mobility and to the Mercedes-Maybach brand. 



Powered by a 738-hp fully electric power-train

 …Arriving  on the beach the summer sun  burning down , the reflecting rays adding life into the surroundings .”In the end its Him & I “, you hum along to the song as you step out looking at the sun  as you put on the sun glasses; Yellow Bouquet in one hand , the other on the suitcase handle.

The glare shall not disturb the Peace”  


Love comes back with brown eyes instead of blue. Love comes back when you are not ready, and it comes back when you areMolly Burford.


Hi ……..


I’m Autumn (wind blows smooth strands of gentle black hair)…..


 (smiles as the gentle cold breeze weakens, brown yellow  leaves float in the air as they fall gently on the side-walk )Autumn (pauses, letting that sink  in), we meet again “





Three whites stripes run down your black pants  as we step out , you rocking it with such power , feeling it as we walk, the N tick’s sneakers on my feet sensing a presence of confidence in the air , such power felt to the max  as is vibrates through the air ……. such a sight like wheels with 26 spokes ,a rose-gold center lock . Its vertical struts of the dramatic radiator grille inspired by a pinstripes. You always hailed might , flexing your natural beauty on them as some appreciate others in awe.Your mere  existence  spices up life, killing it in black top to bottom. Your hands in mine, you tag me closer within ear’s reach. Breathing life into me with the conversation, awakening  my mind with verbal intelligence;  We Woke .



“You know you can always count on me.” 

her whisper echoes in my eardrums . I look into your eyes .The sadness surrounding the brightness in your dark black eyes  no longer present. Always knew you would make it , Nothing gets more real than this , confidence flowing in your veins , I kid you not  she plays for the winning team , I guess Birds of a feather flock together ……..

 When other Birds fly to hide ,finding shelter when it rains . The Eagle starts flying above the cloud – Nature




A Bruce Wayne’s car……  #BatmanClass






Diversity not Categories

”Until the philosophy which hold one race Superior and another Inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned Everywhere is war ……..
Until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes –
Me say War. ” Bob Marley


For some it’s the spirit of family……


others the belief of togetherness rooted in their bones.


It’s the respect of decency.


That the positive development of each life is vital for their own prosperity too.


Others, belief that life urges on with no external influence but influenced solely by everybody’s individual choices.


For some the secrets of the ancient ways quietly calms their spirits….


While others incorporate the same ways with technology projecting the ancient future.


But all in all, we all seek the path that ignites harmony, peace and love between us.

Mother Teresa

I and I say Diversity, not categories in life.





“For some it’s the spirit of family, others the belief of togetherness rooted in their bones.

It’s the respect of decency. That the positive development of each life is vital for their own prosperity too.

Others, belief that life urges on with no external influence but influenced solely by everybody’s individual choices.

For some the secrets of the ancient ways quietly calms their spirits, others incorporate the same ways with technology projecting the ancient future.

But all in all, we all seek the path that ignites harmony, peace and love between us.

Diversity, not categories in life.”


The quiet clarity in your thoughts

The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off – Pharrell Williams


optimal tunes… 

Waking up at 5:13 Am the amber light from your study light fills the room as the dark outside persists …

Headphones on…

Like a young adolescent you wake up jumping on top of the bed dancing like crazy as you wonder where all that crazy energy is coming from as you listen to the music sound breathing life through your ears. The energy channeled from the distortion emanating from the wavy music, the bass moderated halfway into the tweeter ,enabling the high-pitched vocal sounds surrounded by low mighty woofs from the woofers to sing out loud.

State of the warrior in me…

2017-11-15 (9)

#Nah Mean

The spirit of life inside you is wickedly burning bright like a wick from a freshly refilled lantern. Dropping to the floor smoothly like 8 yr. old kid, you gently and innocently gliding to the floor the warm socks on your  feet interacting with the floor. The cold from the cold autumn night still chilling the room but the warmth emanating from the dance moves  brought forth to life, charge you up as you dance around to Lemon Lemon

The dance in you

Dropping down, softly  stomping on your toes, the 180-turn so sudden you feel the air moving as you use your arms to balance the swirl of your swing, uniquely grooving, bouncing to the masterpiece, the inspiring rhyming of  pure wisdom and a skill set matched to no other guides the dance, the dynamics in the jam got you feeling alive, the beat pumping you nice and firm, the heartbeat in you racing healthy  and slow, slow and steady. Pumping with such a mighty throb ,quite deep you might be forgiven  for thinking the cardiac rhythm matches the sweet throbs of the song’s rhythmic pattern. Such a recipe to  charge up the soul, body and the mind early and bright in the morning.

You smile as you remember, “dance is life”.

Sitting down you know already the day is already blessed by the energy evoked by the mad🔥🔥 lemon tune🔥🔥; subconsciously doing a quick count; confidence check…swag check …attitude fiercely acceptable, desire to face the day awakened, the passion to fight for a blessed day check, love and appreciation check, and yea the knowledge for today’s test still intact and fresh check and the sound mind of a conquering lion.

Remembering you slept only 3 hours…


15 hours later…

Back in your seat just chilling, the amber light radiating bright once more as the darkness in the room shadowing it from the moonless pitch-dark evening. Chilled out to a further beyond horizon…  faded, the music turned back, on headphones

 Conversations in your thoughts ….

Joey-Badass-705x529 “I’m on the upside now, you can turn ’em M’s upside down We bout to win”– Joey Badass

The spirit of the music vibrant deep; upholding the emotion as you  scheme through the events that took place; analyzing today’s blessings. Like how they came through in abundance when the worrisome doubted moments  showed up , when you thought you wouldn’t make it , wouldn’t able to even stand a chance  and joyfully look up smiling simply , your thoughts only to give thanks to the Creator Supreme for the faith bestowed that the day ended up in your favor and realizing the vision , the lessons learnt, the patience that had to be earned , the follow-up of learning in every opportunity available , The  faith that had to be applied into the strength for thus strength is nothing without faith…


Giving Thanks

To be still breathing, still same you, still the unstoppable you, still dreaming and that dreamer in you, the maker in you, who always paints out a beautiful picture and still inspires you into working on those dreams.

Paint Strokes by Amanda Cils

Much Praises

That all of this is out of sheer love reigned unto you and physically and emotionally transduced into happy smiles and deep appreciation for such a beautiful masterpiece portrayed in real life

Running to the rock of your salvation …….

(Now Playing) And yes, better we leave and run to Zion… everyone dreams of a sweet honey glazed. Heaven where you’re comforted in the arms of love, where only infinity sunlight raining down on your skin powering up the life source in you…. if kids still believe all dogs go to heaven then we also have a place where love  oozes down flowing out like a plaza fountain.

Fear nor weep not  …


Heaven; I mean that’s why we hope, our souls deeply connected to believe in this hope. The dreams of a place of pure peace, where the mind can finally rest and just meditate on the beauty surrounding us from nature, the nature clothing us in this sphere and finally understand the truth in plain sight at last, that earth and We are actually a gift sprung forth from nature and the inter dependence between earth and We deep and clear ,evidently a crucial interdependence affected by the deeds of each other on  and the impact felt on both fronts .In Simple terms take care of earth and earth will take care of you. Patience (Patience💙).

You are a testimony

The day is almost over 28 minutes to be precise the amber light predominates more than the pitch-dark autumn nights; kite-like high. The worries of the day washing away only confidence oozing out of you leaving the visionary-you reigning supreme as the vision enlightens your creativity. Bright ambitious ideas fill your mind and you drift into them as you decipher from them moments and experiences. Using them to guide you to the best narration of the idea thought, a narration of the dream to be, a spectacle that will shed love, positive vibrations and harmony into the souls and hearts of people captivating them by the dream’s clear honesty …that’s your burning spear that will pierce the doubt and empower you to shed your light in this lifetime.


The quiet clarity in your  thoughts…

The peak of Mount Zion just like the proverbial, “just the tip of the iceberg” fuels the hope in all of us. Driving us into being a better being, better friend, better human, better sibling, better leader, better creator, better guide, giver, better spirited, highly inspired. Attracting the desire for appreciation for fellow kind, breathing chance into the hearts of many for a purpose of unity and harmony, love for fellow kind.