Strength means nothing without faith

A cheer-Up elixir for whenever you find yourself in doubt




The ashy gray mist invades the day, leaving a hazy like ambiance in the atmosphere. Your left hand, balanced gently on the bus window ledge with your head resting on the palm of your left hand. The sun outside looks blurry as the light clouds reflect back most of the rays and the cold outside chilly, chilly with that extra spice that bites gently on the skin. You sit there looking outside the bus window watching, the cold wet autumn leaves (Now playing) with a lost gaze on your face as you ponder on the mystery of life and the natural phenomena surrounding it; the bus turns right, and you gently shift back to reality and shrug gently.


And Frankly speaking, you know how much I never like seeing you like that. With Your shoulders hanging low and your face looking down on the floor, shying away from the world as your spirits are quite low… girl just don’t ponder too much on it, life is always full of ups and downs. You look outside, watching the autumn leaves scattered all over the sidewalks

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…Its vivid the low moods are weighing heavily on you. Its lazy ugly dance moving through you as you  are unable to hold your head high …you know hold it high as you always do, as you always should do… always should do Because….

Beautiful (Now playing) you radiate the atmosphere every time you put that smile, the way the dimples wear your smooth face marking the dark edges as you curve that smile, finessed so naturally making a clear pathway for the white of your teeth that add that extra sauce on your smile. A smile that radiates the brightness in your dark brown eyes. Eyes packed with enough dense energy to draw all into the wonder of its light. The gateway to your lovely soul …Such beauty shouldn’t let low moods hide its shine.


The diva in you; that entity that  dresses you up every day so bright and warm leaving along its wake a bright colorful warm feeling on the eyes  as you step out ready to face the day ….killing everyone softly like a gentle choke on the throat .I always tell you straight to your eyes how much I love the beautiful picture you portray  in real life, the finer  details portraying  a sweet young  diva in charge of her destiny  and as  always it leaves me breathless. Such determination needs to add its lovely light to the day. Lighten up, like a Kri Kri live it up (Now Playing )


Your pleasant soul burns ever bright adding flavor around, as it invokes a loving feeling inside you a smart, brave feeling to express joy and happiness to all those around you …like the rain in the middle of a hot summer day… that’s how beautiful it radiates. So, let the lovely vibes ride the rest of the day with you.

Such a Brilliant mind gifted with a smart and beautiful intelligent, capable of doing anything here under the sun, the fluidity in the connection between your mind to the spirit and soul so smooth, flowing like a quiet stream … Come on girl bless the day with your captivating wisdom.

Those moves you know that low sway of your hips from left to right as you dance is always a sight for weary eyes; adding that to the blessing of your body, Girl you always blaze the view. The mighty steps you take as you chant to the sweet reggae vibes displays boldness in you, how you move your hand out deh (Now playing) majestically like a lion paw. What a sight Athena, the world is a better place with your magic in it.


You are an adventurer in unfamiliar territory and the journey must go on .Your little, cute but mighty power indicates such levels of strength and stability. Your values, your dreams, your vision   fused together result into your passion, that drive that gets you out of bed in the morning. In short girl your light was meant to shine brave like Athena.


So Awaken that  rock stone (Now playing) pillar of yours ,stop worrying  about the opportunities missed, the love lost , the pressure of life , the time not spend, the mistakes done, the scars picked along the journey of life ,the stumbling blocks you might stumble upon and waken the inner Lioness , that Warrior spirit because  life never plays fair but you got the  power to straighten the crooked lines and better yourself with every coming challenges and problems  as they only make you stronger ,determined  and definitely  unstoppable. Such vigor can’t let life put it down.



And as Your bus stop gets closer, I pray that you don’t worry about the missing sun rays or why life wears so heavy. Just put on that smile and jam to the songs in your favorite playlist. Take charge of your destiny back and when you get home keep chiming to the soothing melody, vibrate with the harmony, bring back the beautiful dance of positive vibes, open that book and keep the hustle flowing, studying so finally when the night comes that Thursday night evening we shall see each other, eye to eye with your hand in mine, and you can tell me all about it…



The red light from the alert signal goes off and you step out onto the sidewalk next to your bus stop with a spark in your eyes as you believe once more come rain come sunshine you got this. So now  watch as your face, your faith, your self-belief paint a perfect picture (Now playing)




As The Petals Drop…

Oxeye daisy is the extra flower that I bought together with this bountiful bouquet, the assortment compromising of a mixture of various flowers  from roses, tulips, orchards and the star at the center of it; the pink lotus. I pick up the daisy and stare at it for a while, as soon I would be testing out a new venture. Gently I start pulling  petals one after the other from the daisy  and  find myself thinking out loud, stuck between two phrases; “She loves me” and  “She love me not”. I do this sitting outside the garden opposite the boulevard, hoping as the petals diminish from the flower stalk (receptacle) that the last petal would end with the words “she loves me” coming out of my mouth; the belief  being that the last petal supposedly will represent the truth between the object of my affection loving me back  or not.


A silly smirk cracks on my face as I tell myself it would be better if I could change it from “she loves me, she loves me not” to “she loves me, she love me lots“ …if only we could have it our own way …

Slowly I reminisce about  you, the brightness you shine in my life with your presence, the blues you leave in my soul every time you say goodbye, the butterflies in my stomach  that fly  with such intensity  that  I feel their warmth flowing deep in my stomach  every time I see your face. The way you look when you dress like a mighty goddess with such beauty that strikes the mind vividly, holding it captive.ea654dc9c082774c879c5ca145c11642--girls-collection-photo-referenceI love the way you make it look so simple, an exquisite beauty… beauty that only you possess like a masterpiece on canvas. The way your black silky hair falls on your shoulders, explaining why most men break their necks to have a longer view as you pass by. Not forgetting your beautiful intellect that  I am  always looking  forward to every time we have a  conversation. That one on one with you which  brings out a mature reasonable and admirable  character inside you making every time we chill memorable.

maxresdefault (2)

One wise king once said, “verbal stimulation awakens the right senses ”now playing ) and when you speak you bring this phrase to life as I always find myself enlightened every time you  indulge me in  your cultivating ideas and reasoning. A reasoning built on truth, love, respect, harmony and exploration of life that always leaves me craving for more of your presence as you enlighten me, opening my eyes to the truth hidden in plain sight. Your perspective of life so diverse makes me feel secure and at peace. “Empress I love the beauty of your thought process,”  I say out loud as a sweet melodious tune goes through my mind. Joy oozes out of me as I jam to the song in my head, plucking the next petal and watching it fall.2PD42J1LY58BUBKSJD7FQHD6POSQ5X_19The urge to have you in my life grows stronger as I don’t want to miss out on more and that’s why I got to know, that’s why today I am making the approach …. I’ve got to know if it’s too much to ask if you are the one I am looking for. I just want to get your attention and tell you about this confession, a confession I must make to you. Feels like you put me under your spell and I can’t get enough of it… girl its true you are always on my mind…

Clearly you are the object of my affection and  as the evening breeze blows over the autumn leaves. I watch as the leaves fly around swirling, dancing to the motion Nature___Seasons___Autumn_____The_wind_blowing_the_leaves_079004_.jpgof the breeze. I take a quick glance to take in the ambiance surrounding me, the evening sun raining down its last rays on the park magnifying the yellow-brown beauty of surroundings. I check the watch on my wrist …its exactly 5:38, just 7 minutes till you appear outside the exit of your apartment. The exit opposite where i am seated in  the park. As the black saloon car cruises through blocking my view of the exit I return back to my game of chance, looking  at the few remaining petals  left and slowly I reach for that white and fluffy velvet touch of the white petal and say out loud, “she loves me not”. I ponder on that perspective and I agonize at the  idea of missing the chance of us  making a memorable timeline. I keep plucking watching them drop, light as a feather to the grass down below anticipating with much vigor that “she loves me” will finally be the answer at the end of it all. The harmony of the earlier tune rose petals by J Boog (now playing) comes back and I nod as I recall the message in it. The creaking sound of your front gate brings back to reality as it opens and you pop out, your presence adding more flavor as your beauty radiates all over the place as you walk over towards me, I look at the remains of the flower and only  one last petal is left  ….

boy-1397793_960_720The expression is seamless …like a captain at sea on a calm day…. I feel the magic running through my veins. I power into this  mysterious energy and now  filled with confidence I pluck the last petal and inside myself I hear a voice say, “she loves me”…



The smell of your sweet perfume hits my lungs as you emerge in front of me; such a stunning beauty. You smile as our eyes meet and you see the spark in my eyes as they radiate with immense brilliance.You lose your breath,freezing for a second and you take a step back as you notice the flowers. You shriek a little in bewilderment and rush, diving into me, hugging me tight and proceed to pick the flowers and place them next to you nose. Your eyes close as your chest rises enjoying the scent from the roses. You look into my eyes and ask while smiling from cheek to cheek as you notice  the little white petals on the ground and say boldly as you put your hand inside mine,” shall we do this?”



A Beauty in the Dancehall Scene

‘When you see something beautiful in someone, tell them. It may take seconds to say, but for them, it could last a lifetime – anonymous.



…hey girl you have a   perfect body with a perfect smile… perfect body with a perfect smile…

my girl you are champion bubbler you bubble for a cause… you smile so beautiful…

2017-10-07 (2)it’s a wicked man ting “, I tell myself; how you control it the movements emanating from your body as I look at you dance there on the sand just besides the raging  flame  from the fire that burns widely into the night .I watch the trail of sand fall down from in between your toes as you lift your legs up and down on the sandy dance floor, the small thin trail of sand flows down glittering happily from the reflection of the 7 o’clock Caribbean sunset watching  in amazement as the individual particles shake  to the vibrations of your perfect well maintained dance moves.

2017-10-07 (7)Backaz, Backaz, backaz; This a gyal yah waan, Backaz is the song playing in the background as your hair swirls in the air as you dance majestically and trust me the grace you add-on top of it is just right. I watch as you sway your body  perfectly in a curvy motion .I guess you defined what a curve is  (…if you have no idea of what a curve is you should just take a look at this beauty dancing and you will agree or “sulahsis” as we say here in Bratislava and probably might end up agreeing that she really defined what a curve is….).I can’t lie  the calibration of your  flow is impeccable ,the  motion of your  body combined with the class of your unique passion for Caribbean dance …..will make you say “why you gonna do me like that “as you fall in love with  the view in front you.2017-10-07 (12) A smile  cracks up on your face as if to jolt me back to reality as I was lost in your world of dance and the full image of you and your outstanding beauty blends in with the crispy atmosphere  on the beach side  as the dark almost settles .


Sun Beach Baile Dancehall

The Selecta (DJ)  drops that effect you like…one two three four fast gunshots blast the air from the speakers… and you lift your  right hand to imitate the  shots that just played as you go wild and shout out joyfully, “No gyal can tell me ’bout my mother ,16 shot we go longer than a ladder.Dem nuh fi talk ’bout the real don dada .“as the Selecta  (DJ) drops 16 shots by Stefflon don and you as always keep radiating with your  charming vibes


2017-10-07 (15)… you SMILE again as you realize that I am watching …that smile that leaves me  speechless leaving me lacking  words all the way down to thoughts. Damn your strip  my mind bare ….I guess perhaps , it’s the way your smile pieced together with  what I see  inside  those round dark brown  eyes that spell out pure sweet freakiness make me question every  thought ,every facts , every notion  I know of  in my head and as the groove and vibes get better  you quickly call on me to join you in  this celebration of exquisite dancing since  Vybz Kartel  track dancehall dancehall  blazes through the system .

2017-10-07 (13)


The love of dance between us creates the rhythm and turns for a crazy showdown on the dance floor. Firstly, down we go then up we return … a quick step in front followed by a pause then a slow bop to the back as the night gets more wild dancing energetically  to most of the tunes .The dance floor is now on fire as happy energetic souls are letting it all go to the bad mind tunes  as they also dance  to their own rhythm. Such a beautiful scene, the ones that makes anyone a believer in that dance is life. 1119794451486786Crazy enough I somehow  find myself drifting away as I come to see you in your true colours.You are that kind of spirit that if one doesn’t wake up in the morning without your warmth raining down, gently running down their body the day suddenly turns out to be as if they embarked off the wrong side of the bed ;the day seeming dull since that spark that ignites it is missing. As if without it, it seems the day received a hex on it, you know those days that escalate so strenuous slow, full of stumbling blocks and unexpected events full of tension, drawing out a feeling close to something between madness and frustration. That feeling better explained as a lion in a zoo longing for the day it will finally go out into the jungle and rule the jungle…


Then like a guardian spirit, you blow through the day making it all right again. Just right   like a warm moist humid day deep in summer with the sun rays raining down, the heat radiating all around the atmosphere and everywhere you look the colour is just right ,the reflections fascinating, the sounds of water rushing into each other clearer whilst cruising in the car with the windows all rolled down, hands out playing with the breeze…1 (2)

that’s how empowering your presence is felt when you finally appear and put the lights back.

And now I can see you …every angle, every perspective deeper than deep ,I finally understand why you are such a force to reckon  with as you dance through the night as its certain that you resemble a super heroine of dance straight from a comic book( …if I might indulge your imagination ,think of Wonder Woman( yes the Amazonian) in all her light and glory  and the plot twist is all her powers and skills have been converted  into crazy moves from whining the waistline to bold stepping ).


Frankly what makes you such  a  Wonder is  your  inner beauty, embodied inside you. I find every aspect, every inner parameter to be the real treasure …truly a noble character on the inside. The way you have the Spirit of a warrior ,a pioneer,  chaser of dreams , breaking all stereotypes and limits ,setting up a perfect example for others to listen more to  their hearts not forgetting a soul that puts out its ambitions with such raw vigour bringing  out your seasoned  uniqueness .Always first paying homage to humanity above all other insatiable human needs .Your desire for society to stop applying all this negative fake pressure on women (and themselves in general ) but for society to embrace the beauty  that was bestowed upon the world in its own natural Godly given form. Appreciating the real face value that contains limitless room for improvement, improvement that should be channeled from an incorruptible and loving place.None can deny that with all that rich personality  you are still  a humble, classy person and  most importantly a human being or better yet as the French say creme de la crème.

maxresdefault (1)

Don’t second guess it I am (dramatic pause ) really trying to charm you,i just want to be the one who when you think about, you just start smiling.


………………..#BiGcHune … playing Txting- WSTRN ft Alkaline ……………………………..



Meditating,Meditation on your Troubles

I just lit one and was going through the phone and came across your stories and it seemed you had it hard, seemed tough and then you subtly added a picture and it had a yellow background that helped to bring out the black paint that read:

Don’t worry everything is going to be alright” and it brought to life a part inside my soul strings and my mind was at ease and thought to myself that I needed your kind of motivation in my life…. damn, then you opened up and I felt the sorrow and I saw your

1 (1).jpg

soul sitting low on the stairs of life ,head on one knee and I felt moved and all I reminded you all was you had to bring back the thought of who you are and you would remember that it would all work it out eventually. I asked you just to breathe and let life surprise you and in that moment i told you this:

When they wont show up when you need them even when you need them the least , just don’t sink down but look high ahead breathe you have a friend in yourself a pillar of support , draped with brutal confidence and a warm touch straight to your heart and always i am open to you so anytime i will run up on you

I thought of if I would meet with you and show you how I roll this mini cute joint then roll one for you and watch you ignite that fire in your eyes andWeed-1.jpg

finally allow yourself to relax smile and dream; with the sun just about to set the setting a dark calm atmosphere  around us and we play loud music singing and wandering about in slow movements around the area slow dance moves, slow but righteous …I am impressed with the smile on your face and how happy you seem and soon the munchies catch up with us and we step out. You are looking all fresh in your denim …swagging through the streets and we hit your favorite spot grab something right to eat and now it’s dark and the amber yellow halogen lights are lighting up the city as we walk around chatting endlessly about good vibes nothing extra.

DEut_4aUIAAw90qWe soon find a nice warm corner around the park and the green surrounding us is magically and captivating. We finish eating and you put your hand in your hair pushing it back to allow the cool evening breeze to touch your smooth neck and energize your skin. Its deadly gorgeous …we light a joint watch the hazy smoke whirl and twirl around as it clears the noise and distortion in our minds

While leaving a relaxed mind and we watch as the city grows more vibrant …. told ya that you have a friend in me the deep smile on your face shows it all.

A smile so deep with eyes closed just there filling your lungs with the fresh air as it nourishes your blood streams. The deep and slow rise and fall of your chest is enough to explain your state of relaxation …meditation you stand up and your body language portrays a new creature a stronger more enlightened you.

You drag me away and lead me to the dance studio and turn on the radio and the music fills the room and as it registers in your brain that the song leg over by Mr. Eazi is

2017-08-01 (27)the one playing you jump up with joy and make me sit down and watch you turn and twist your body to the rhythm,hypnotizing me making my eyes slaves to your body and watching you I am frankly impressed and I stand up and pick up the pace and we dance off, jamming, whining, breaking, bringing forth our own body flavor and flow into reality in fusion with the music and its beat drops and we keep it up until we feel hot heat under our soles.

You look like peace as you catch your breath and wipe the sweat off your brow and look and smile at me and tell me that was beautiful and quite frankly unforgettable, I look at you and smile make you feel my gratitude. Soon we pack up and leave and as we approach your gate you embrace me with a hug, one hard and tight embrace and I feel the warmth of your love in it and it makes my cheeks red….

2mDwp0WO0l.pngand as I smile blushing away gently, the weather outside is warm and breezy with the heat of summer dispersing itself through the night and the moon is half shining, half hiding its secrets …

Consider me officially woke

“Yes “, with a smile😁  you say when I asked  if I could be able to be  free around you. Slowly  I calm down , forgetting all what  the “world ” has taught me on keeping appearances and there in that moment with you I become alive, I become  my true self and happily I sweep you off your feet spinning you around  in my arms , listening to  your cute laugh as you wonder what is in store for you today,  as  I sit down facing the window as the sun sinks deep into my skin.


With anticipation written all over  your face , you brush away your  hair over your shoulders and whisper a kind gentle thank you. You come sit next to me, as my fingers start setting up your hair and I pull some strands here , some across your face and some making them arch around your head , giggling that innocent giggle full of joy as  your curiosity begs to know why and what I am doing with your hair.

And as if on cue I say , “just putting back the true beauty I see in you …your natural self  …, beautiful elegant self “.

You blush as blood fills your cheeks turning them crimson Red …you are blooming now and a shy  smile cracks up on your face as you  look at me with those eyes .Blue with a touch of pale beauty ,edged out by a fine deep dark blue that sparkle right and gleam with  a tendency to leave me breathless, as I fight not to drown in your eyes I  keep thinking of  sweet poetry vibes and how happy I make you  make me happy. Softly  I ask you , “What you desire most?” .

Your eyelids close and open;


Twice ,then you take a deep breath and tell me ;

“I want to conquer the world…together, not by myself but together. Not the superficial insatiable desires  but the pain, the misery, the emptiness, the great feats awaiting us . The loneliness, the doubts, the embraces, disappointments, joy, responsibilities. Time, love, the arguments, the hate, youth, family, if we get lucky old age together. The past, the present and the future …just whatever it takes to keep us … Us against the world .And I am no fool I know Humans are never perfect so also when we  make mistakes, learn from them move on building that trust step by step .That’s all I want “

Ironically I get speechless , as in that moment all my fears run for the hills and all I can  just do is draw you in for an embrace , hearts beating upon each other as I hug you tight and smell the  hope, joy, purpose course through your neck. Hot and gentle like a volcano and we hold on to that moment, since we both know  we found each other at that true bare self precisely at the roots …free from the impurities of desires and expectations of this world .

Like a bush burning you ignite ..radiating warmth in unbelievable  magnitudes and like the burning bush you don’t consume yourself nor do you burn up since it all comes from a force well-known …long forgotten , quite misunderstood and often fought against .The greatest force called love  and as the summer sun  brightens the room.  I feel your lips on my cheek as I  listen to your peaceful chest rise and fall …total serenity …totally woke.

boy-and-girl-love-couple-romantic-other (1)

Every fiber in my body reacts submissive towards you like a flag obeying  the  wind ,like the lead in a dance floating away the partner all over  the dance floor gracefully …..You set me free ,eluding away the pain, you bless my soul. I am woke but still you conquer my heart .

The Reflection of His love on the Ocean of Her Beauty .

He loved her yes, he did …he longed for her sight, the way the wind played with her

hair as it blew by … the sweet subtle scent emanating from her neck

he didn’t except her to love him back as he did but he wanted her to give him the

opportunity, the chance to show her the love he had for her…

The memories they would make for a long time the wounds they would heal

together the priceless time they would spend smiling, laughing,

embracing in each other’s hands.


Travelling across the borders ,transferring a little bit of love

into a different kind of energy  with the end result being happiness, appreciation

interest and  knowledge blooming of love   and when they had those trips around the

world he made sure where others used to get the same old boring commercial tour, he

went the next step and gave her the divine special tour, making sure he

gathered  the little forgotten details , those  details  known only to the

lucky  few , the ones that made  a trip to view  The Night Watch  painting  in

Rijksmuseum  a memory for a  lifetime…….

For him it never mattered that she would eventually fall for him but

the effort  was everything …

The effort to  swallow his pride so as not to be ashamed of

the love he had  for her, love that

ensured  she got the extra best of the best as they came by

and yes not  of the materialistic things doomed to be perished

but of the intangible things in life the ones you could never put

a price tag…like that smile on her face , oozing of grace and beauty

and how it fitted perfectly with that sparkle in her eyes

She  opened the way to His  soul , Soul that turned a boy into a man,

Soul that allowed him to be creative, confident

Soul that  yearned to go beyond selfish human limits

Soul that made him pick  her up  at the airport  with his shiny  ebony black acoustic

guitar , his voice sang about her while he played the guitar strings ,  her name rhyming

to the melody  of the sweet song  welcoming her back  home,

as others strained to look for their loved ones all she had to do was follow the voice

while enjoying the vocal chords  as her emotions were set free ,melting her heart like

butter……sparking that fire of being alive

She gave him the best gift ever …the power to love and forever he was grateful

For at that moment he was alive,

living with a purpose that combined the heart, mind, soul and flesh

Empowered by that one force all poets dream of …crave for

and yes, He knew that every rose had its own thorns,


but he was comfortable with the    prickle of her thorns as it reminded him she was

still human and in her imperfectness, he was satisfied because he knew

the  beauty  in the struggle and longed for

when he would remind her that only her strength and her potential

was the only thing that could get her through the hard and tough times

And the next time they will find themselves in the rain , This time round

He will kiss her …

Kiss her true and Right and the only song playing in her head will be

“North by Sleeping at Last ”  –


21st Centuary’s woman 

damn the fire


( Location : Mombasa Island )

She didn’t know how strong she was until he told her

She didn’t believe how beautiful she was until he reminded her

She didn’t expect to be so kind until he emphasised how her kindness brought him joy

She didn’t think she was truth until he told her that’s she was his truth to life

She didn’t remember how happy she was until he texted her about it

She didn’t want to know how genuine she was but he still called everyday to tell her that her genuine heart gives him life

21st century’s Woman

You are strong

Living amongst lions raging with courage

You are enough

You are love

Pick up your crown

Fix it right


And walk to the light!

You are incredible

You are the sun

The moon and everything in between

Your melanin

Your smile

Your curves

You are…

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