Meditating,Meditation on your Troubles

I just lit one and was going through the phone and came across your stories and it seemed you had it hard, seemed tough and then you subtly added a picture and it had a yellow background that helped to bring out the black paint that read:

Don’t worry everything is going to be alright” and it brought to life a part inside my soul strings and my mind was at ease and thought to myself that I needed your kind of motivation in my life…. damn, then you opened up and I felt the sorrow and I saw your

1 (1).jpg

soul sitting low on the stairs of life ,head on one knee and I felt moved and all I reminded you all was you had to bring back the thought of who you are and you would remember that it would all work it out eventually. I asked you just to breathe and let life surprise you and in that moment i told you this:

When they wont show up when you need them even when you need them the least , just don’t sink down but look high ahead breathe you have a friend in yourself a pillar of support , draped with brutal confidence and a warm touch straight to your heart and always i am open to you so anytime i will run up on you

I thought of if I would meet with you and show you how I roll this mini cute joint then roll one for you and watch you ignite that fire in your eyes andWeed-1.jpg

finally allow yourself to relax smile and dream; with the sun just about to set the setting a dark calm atmosphere  around us and we play loud music singing and wandering about in slow movements around the area slow dance moves, slow but righteous …I am impressed with the smile on your face and how happy you seem and soon the munchies catch up with us and we step out. You are looking all fresh in your denim …swagging through the streets and we hit your favorite spot grab something right to eat and now it’s dark and the amber yellow halogen lights are lighting up the city as we walk around chatting endlessly about good vibes nothing extra.

DEut_4aUIAAw90qWe soon find a nice warm corner around the park and the green surrounding us is magically and captivating. We finish eating and you put your hand in your hair pushing it back to allow the cool evening breeze to touch your smooth neck and energize your skin. Its deadly gorgeous …we light a joint watch the hazy smoke whirl and twirl around as it clears the noise and distortion in our minds

While leaving a relaxed mind and we watch as the city grows more vibrant …. told ya that you have a friend in me the deep smile on your face shows it all.

A smile so deep with eyes closed just there filling your lungs with the fresh air as it nourishes your blood streams. The deep and slow rise and fall of your chest is enough to explain your state of relaxation …meditation you stand up and your body language portrays a new creature a stronger more enlightened you.

You drag me away and lead me to the dance studio and turn on the radio and the music fills the room and as it registers in your brain that the song leg over by Mr. Eazi is

2017-08-01 (27)the one playing you jump up with joy and make me sit down and watch you turn and twist your body to the rhythm,hypnotizing me making my eyes slaves to your body and watching you I am frankly impressed and I stand up and pick up the pace and we dance off, jamming, whining, breaking, bringing forth our own body flavor and flow into reality in fusion with the music and its beat drops and we keep it up until we feel hot heat under our soles.

You look like peace as you catch your breath and wipe the sweat off your brow and look and smile at me and tell me that was beautiful and quite frankly unforgettable, I look at you and smile make you feel my gratitude. Soon we pack up and leave and as we approach your gate you embrace me with a hug, one hard and tight embrace and I feel the warmth of your love in it and it makes my cheeks red….

2mDwp0WO0l.pngand as I smile blushing away gently, the weather outside is warm and breezy with the heat of summer dispersing itself through the night and the moon is half shining, half hiding its secrets …

Consider me officially woke

“Yes “, with a smile😁  you say when I asked  if I could be able to be  free around you. Slowly  I calm down , forgetting all what  the “world ” has taught me on keeping appearances and there in that moment with you I become alive, I become  my true self and happily I sweep you off your feet spinning you around  in my arms , listening to  your cute laugh as you wonder what is in store for you today,  as  I sit down facing the window as the sun sinks deep into my skin.


With anticipation written all over  your face , you brush away your  hair over your shoulders and whisper a kind gentle thank you. You come sit next to me, as my fingers start setting up your hair and I pull some strands here , some across your face and some making them arch around your head , giggling that innocent giggle full of joy as  your curiosity begs to know why and what I am doing with your hair.

And as if on cue I say , “just putting back the true beauty I see in you …your natural self  …, beautiful elegant self “.

You blush as blood fills your cheeks turning them crimson Red …you are blooming now and a shy  smile cracks up on your face as you  look at me with those eyes .Blue with a touch of pale beauty ,edged out by a fine deep dark blue that sparkle right and gleam with  a tendency to leave me breathless, as I fight not to drown in your eyes I  keep thinking of  sweet poetry vibes and how happy I make you  make me happy. Softly  I ask you , “What you desire most?” .

Your eyelids close and open;


Twice ,then you take a deep breath and tell me ;

“I want to conquer the world…together, not by myself but together. Not the superficial insatiable desires  but the pain, the misery, the emptiness, the great feats awaiting us . The loneliness, the doubts, the embraces, disappointments, joy, responsibilities. Time, love, the arguments, the hate, youth, family, if we get lucky old age together. The past, the present and the future …just whatever it takes to keep us … Us against the world .And I am no fool I know Humans are never perfect so also when we  make mistakes, learn from them move on building that trust step by step .That’s all I want “

Ironically I get speechless , as in that moment all my fears run for the hills and all I can  just do is draw you in for an embrace , hearts beating upon each other as I hug you tight and smell the  hope, joy, purpose course through your neck. Hot and gentle like a volcano and we hold on to that moment, since we both know  we found each other at that true bare self precisely at the roots …free from the impurities of desires and expectations of this world .

Like a bush burning you ignite ..radiating warmth in unbelievable  magnitudes and like the burning bush you don’t consume yourself nor do you burn up since it all comes from a force well-known …long forgotten , quite misunderstood and often fought against .The greatest force called love  and as the summer sun  brightens the room.  I feel your lips on my cheek as I  listen to your peaceful chest rise and fall …total serenity …totally woke.

boy-and-girl-love-couple-romantic-other (1)

Every fiber in my body reacts submissive towards you like a flag obeying  the  wind ,like the lead in a dance floating away the partner all over  the dance floor gracefully …..You set me free ,eluding away the pain, you bless my soul. I am woke but still you conquer my heart .

The Reflection of His love on the Ocean of Her Beauty .

He loved her yes, he did …he longed for her sight, the way the wind played with her

hair as it blew by … the sweet subtle scent emanating from her neck

he didn’t except her to love him back as he did but he wanted her to give him the

opportunity, the chance to show her the love he had for her…

The memories they would make for a long time the wounds they would heal

together the priceless time they would spend smiling, laughing,

embracing in each other’s hands.


Travelling across the borders ,transferring a little bit of love

into a different kind of energy  with the end result being happiness, appreciation

interest and  knowledge blooming of love   and when they had those trips around the

world he made sure where others used to get the same old boring commercial tour, he

went the next step and gave her the divine special tour, making sure he

gathered  the little forgotten details , those  details  known only to the

lucky  few , the ones that made  a trip to view  The Night Watch  painting  in

Rijksmuseum  a memory for a  lifetime…….

For him it never mattered that she would eventually fall for him but

the effort  was everything …

The effort to  swallow his pride so as not to be ashamed of

the love he had  for her, love that

ensured  she got the extra best of the best as they came by

and yes not  of the materialistic things doomed to be perished

but of the intangible things in life the ones you could never put

a price tag…like that smile on her face , oozing of grace and beauty

and how it fitted perfectly with that sparkle in her eyes

She  opened the way to His  soul , Soul that turned a boy into a man,

Soul that allowed him to be creative, confident

Soul that  yearned to go beyond selfish human limits

Soul that made him pick  her up  at the airport  with his shiny  ebony black acoustic

guitar , his voice sang about her while he played the guitar strings ,  her name rhyming

to the melody  of the sweet song  welcoming her back  home,

as others strained to look for their loved ones all she had to do was follow the voice

while enjoying the vocal chords  as her emotions were set free ,melting her heart like

butter……sparking that fire of being alive

She gave him the best gift ever …the power to love and forever he was grateful

For at that moment he was alive,

living with a purpose that combined the heart, mind, soul and flesh

Empowered by that one force all poets dream of …crave for

and yes, He knew that every rose had its own thorns,


but he was comfortable with the    prickle of her thorns as it reminded him she was

still human and in her imperfectness, he was satisfied because he knew

the  beauty  in the struggle and longed for

when he would remind her that only her strength and her potential

was the only thing that could get her through the hard and tough times

And the next time they will find themselves in the rain , This time round

He will kiss her …

Kiss her true and Right and the only song playing in her head will be

“North by Sleeping at Last ”  –


21st Centuary’s woman 

damn the fire


( Location : Mombasa Island )

She didn’t know how strong she was until he told her

She didn’t believe how beautiful she was until he reminded her

She didn’t expect to be so kind until he emphasised how her kindness brought him joy

She didn’t think she was truth until he told her that’s she was his truth to life

She didn’t remember how happy she was until he texted her about it

She didn’t want to know how genuine she was but he still called everyday to tell her that her genuine heart gives him life

21st century’s Woman

You are strong

Living amongst lions raging with courage

You are enough

You are love

Pick up your crown

Fix it right


And walk to the light!

You are incredible

You are the sun

The moon and everything in between

Your melanin

Your smile

Your curves

You are…

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It must one Bad Karma or that time,fate,
destiny is against me,
Because every time we meet , every time……
every damn time we meet you find me in that
messed up state,
we Both Know (or maybe its only me) that you are the one;
that  one love I truly seek and already every time we see face to face
there is something that denies us the chance to be,
may it Be another woman who has set her eyes on me or
it may Be I am so intoxicated it doesn’t even make sense
how I am still standing .
I radiate when I see you Because my already shattered heart
is calling out to you in the midst of the confusion
the confusion in my heart Brought about By mixed feelings, distractions and
the effort of others appealing to get my attention
you are the only sight that knocks the air out of my lungs and for a moment
I am in a different place  …
the scars I have Brought on myself,
in this pursuit to make you mine I am the only one to Blame
as they strip away that shadow of thought that I am innocent enough,
that I am worthy ,that i get to Be the one that gets to see you smile
make your Blood hot Be the one to make you say this is love
I hate that look of disappointment on your face as it seems as if
you offered me a Blank cheque and I literally flushed it down the toilet.
I know I can explain my actions But
I can not be able to wipe the emotions I invoked in you
or the picture I painted in your mind.
I will always Be swallowing this “Bitter grapes pain” that makes you
Burn inside with self hate you can’t even cry ,one that makes you wish you to go Back
in time and just redo it again a clean slate ,a fresh start …
only life is not a Bed of roses
and here I am living in the thorns of my own making
and I am sinking knowing i wasted that shot …completely wetted the Bed
I am lost But I just can’t keep it in anymore and now its seems
you are much farther away
and the pain knowing I created the drift
I want you to know I realize the mistakes
but I want you to know that…
I am still praying for a miracle
that you will see Beyond the rubbish I placed in front of you
and set free the lover inside… or maybe I am reading it all wrong
and I am chasing after the wind
C’est la vie



The Grey Area

Letting the mind speak



Heavy is the head the burden I feel weighing in my heart ,
like the biblical millstone hung around one’s neck
as I drown in despair in this gloomy revelation ,
the betrayal so vivid the darkness surrounding me,
the wound it brought so fresh I can taste its pinkness ,
how fast the lights stopped shinning as the shadows crept in
like an unexpected knockout I didn’t see it coming
my demons come back to have a laugh at me at that moment preying on my moment of weakness  I thought I had learnt to live above them ,when I finally was the captain my thoughts…
but here I am feeling their cunning steps ,trampling over whatever remorse I had left
whatever good will left …to be positive ,I hear their whispers echoing :” It wasn’t worth it…you fell for it again” in a midst to gain control to cause havoc, chaos ,hatred
I want to let them loose I want to feel the rage I want to pour it out …
I want to be that wreck I have always struggled everyday of my life not to be
…but in the midst of all these confusion ,hurt and broken ties I smell the sweet
aroma of forgiveness its aura embracing me ;  calling  to set me free but I am broken i no longer see light within ….and there i stand at the crossroads torn between the path
that leads to  and the path of freedom

And my younger self turns towards me disappointed with only one question in mind ..”did you really have to compromise ,leaving the values that shaped you into a force to reckon with for mediocrity of this world  ?”